Santa Biblia Lectura Facil Letra Grade-Rvr 1977

Santa Biblia Lectura Facil Letra Grade-Rvr 1977

Autor : Zondervan
Género : Libros, Religión, Cristianismo,
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Santa Biblia Lectura Facil Letra Grade-Rvr 1977

Reseña del editor This is the most popular Bible translation in the Spanish language. Featuring the beautiful prose of the Spanish language. Featuring a distinctive style. Featuring a clear, concise, and rich language, with natural, direct expressions. With its contemporary language, it is a powerful tool for the work of the pastor and the church leaders. This Reina Valera Revision of 1977 is based on the Ancient Version of Casiodoro de Reina (1569) revised by Cipriano de Valera (1602), and edited later in a variety of translations in conformity with the original Greek and Hebrew texts. All of this wealth of text and revisions is carried forward in this unique and distinctive text, contemporary, the most well known version in the Spanish language, representing a perfect prose for the Spanish language. There is no other book in history that has transformed so many lives. The Word of God: * Gives you encouragement * Restores your life * Lights your way * Gives you joy and strength It is time to believe and stand firm on the Word of God! Study it! Love it! Analyze it! It will be the light for your path and the guide for your life.

¡qué Ruina De Película!

¡qué Ruina De Película!

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Género : Libros, Arte, cine y fotografía, Películas,
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Tokyo Ghoul 09

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Tierra (General)

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